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  • Aqua-Tech Water Management was established
    in 1986 and has over 28 years of experience
    in the treatment of cooling towers, boilers
    and closed loop systems.

  • Since its inception, Aqua-Tech has provided
    their clients with the latest in economical
    and technologically advanced water treatment
    services available.

  • In addition, Aqua-Tech specializes in cooling
    tower rebuilding and repair, scheduled
    maintenance, and chemical cleaning.


Proprietary Hybrid HES Technology removes scale forming ions from supply water prior to entering the system. Reduced Bleed Reduced Chemical Technology provides unprecedented corrosion protection for metals (<0.5-1.0 MPY for Steel, Copper, Galvanized Steel and Aluminum). Biological growth is eliminated by creating a "Biostatic" environment in the system water, decreasing chemical usage by 80% more than conventional chemical treatment applications.

Cooling Towers

Reduced Bleed Reduced Chemical Technology can be utilized in any cooling tower, evaporative condenser and fluid cooler. The technology can be implemented in TOWER TECH, BAC, MARLEY, Evapco, Delta, Ceramic and field-erected cooling towers of all sizes and tonnage loads; from 20 to 500,000 tons of cooling while significantly REDUCING Blowdown and decreasing chemical usage by 80%. This includes refineries, power plants, food processing plants, agricultural facilities, pharmaceutical, biomedical manufacturing, casino & gaming resorts, automotive manufacturing, hospitals, hotels, airports, office buildings, etc.

Chillers / Tube Bundles / Heat Exchangers

Proprietary technology insures peak efficiency and reliable operation by maintaining scale free clean heat exchange surfaces, minimal corrosion rates and the elimination of microbiological growth. Electrical demands for operation are lowered and life expectancy of equipment is increased.

Aqua-Tech Water Management Cooling Tower Service Division offers quick, effective solutions for all your temporary rental cooling tower needs.

No longer does production have to suffer during hot summer months or peak demand times. Companies can rent towers for supplemental cooling capacity. Fcilities no longer have to shut down for the repair and maintenance of their permanent cooling towers, they can divert the process to temporary towers. Rental cooling towers can be brought in after major storm damage, a fire, or general outage of your cooling tower. Competitive manufacture-direct rental rates. Rental pumps, I-Line panels, Cable and Piping are also available. Emergency cooling is available quickly from Aqua-Tech.


Aquatech Water Management has over 26 years of experience in the treatment of cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems.


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